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Pleasant Lake, Island Falls, ME

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Snowmobile Trail Report - 2/23/2017

January 6, 2011 - IFLA 2010 Newsletter Online!: - The new 2010 IFLA Newsletter is now on the website! Click Here..

April 10, 2010: - ICE OUT!
The ice broke up and was blown down the lake around 11 am this morning. This must be one of the earliest ice-outs ever! Bruce Larlee reported the ice is still in front of his camp (Pic #1 - Pic #2), however, so the lake isn't completely ice-free yet.. Ice Out Movie - April 10
January 4, 2009 - IFLA 2009 Newsletter Online!: - The new 2009 IFLA Newsletter is now on the website! Click Here..
September 15, 2009 - 360 Panoramas of Pleasant Lake Added!: - Beach at Sand Cove #1 - View #2
February 10, 2009 - 360 Panoramas of Pleasant Lake Added!: - North Shore #1 - North Shore #2 (With Ice Shacks)..Note: Requires Flash
January 26, 2009 - IFLA 2008 Newsletter Online!: - The new 2008 IFLA Newsletter is now on the website! Click Here..
May 6/7, 2008 - ICE OUT!: - The ice disappeared sometime during the night of May 6/7. Not a very dramatic show this year. Seems like it just slowly melted or sank. Click Here..
January 13, 2008: - Took a couple photos at Pleasant Lake today while checking the camp. Photo #1 - Looking West and Photo #2 - Looking East.
January 3, 2008: - Bruce Larlee provided an update about what's happning around the lake:

There is one [Ice Fishing Shack] in front of my place (mine), two in Roosevelt cove, and a few around Birch Point. The snow of yesterday has made the travel on the lake almost impossible even with a large snow sled. It will settle over time and I expect more ice fishermen. There were a lot of fishermen on the lake New Years Day and they all seemed to be catching their limits. There is between 8 - 10 inches of ice on most of the lake with a little more up by Birch Point.

November 20, 2007: - The 2007 IFLA Newsletter is out! Click Here

May 9, 2007: - ICE OUT!
The ice broke up over the last 48 hours and vanished from view late today. Check out the time-lapse videos. Part #1 - May 8, Part #2 - May 9

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